Below are several testimonials that have been collected over the years. They are first-hand accounts which help to communicate how various people have responded to Mr. Menzies' work.

"A group of grammar-school children were given a tour of the Cathedral for the first time. As they were walking  through the Vestibule, they were loudly chattering away but as soon as they entered the Nave, there was a sudden complete hush. The children were overwhelmned with the beauty of what they saw."

July 1, 2006: In regards to the Cathedral of St. Augustine in  Bridgeport, CT

"I was sitting alone in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel when a man wandered in, ignoring me, he just stood there and said to himself quietly (but loud enough to be heard), 'You've got to see it to believe it !'."

May 1, 2005: Quote of the architect while visiting St. Aloysius Church, New Canaan, CT

"I did stop by to pary...I was overwhelmed. Not only is the church a creation of the artist, but it too is a creation of the joy of our Faith. Nothing timid or obscure, no apologies are to be found in this church. It sings out loud and clearly, 'This is the home of Jesus Christ. Come in and worship !'"

A letter from Joseph Rowan about St. Aloysius Church, New Canaan, CT

"The restored Cathedral of St. Augustine is a resplendent success. Bishop Lori and Mr. Menzies have created a design that recaptures the glory of the cathedral, and created a fitting space to serve as the symbolic center of the diocese. This cathedral is something that should lift the spirits of all celebrants and parishioners.... for generations to come."

From article "Recaptured Glory" by Sean Tobin in "Sacred Architecture" Magazine 2004, Issue 9

"Henry Hardinge Menzies is one of the leading lights of the church restoration movement in the United States. He is credited with beautiful restorations of the Bridgeport Catahedral and St. Aloysius Church, both in Connecticut. He also boasts and impressive portfolio of new ecclesiastical projects."

From the web site www.dellachiesa.com

"Through the design of architect Henry Menzies, the cathedral has been returned to its place of splendor and prominence amongst Connecticut's most treasured churches."

From the web site www.dellachiesa.com

"Menzies does very good work... He seems innovative, yet consistent with traditional Catholic building styles."

June 20, 2006 , From an e-mail received

"My wife recently noticed a piece in the National Catholic Register that mentioned your design of the sanctuary of St. Aloysius in New Canaan. She had seen the place years ago, and decided the whole church had been an architectural project of Screwtape's. Then she returned this past summer, when some of our girls were at 'Shakespeare Camp' in Rowayton. She said that, even though it was still a modern church, seeing the tabernacle was like stepping into another world: 'I knew God was great, but I didn't know he could do THAT!' Who knew that airless modern architecture was not beyond redemption after all? She said the sanctuary worked with the church design, yet made the church do what it was intended (by God) to do. Thanks for expanding the divine footprint. The effect on the souls of those who pass through St. Aloysius will last for generations on earth and forever in heaven. I look forward to visiting the place myself. The church, that is. Well yes, and heaven, too."

September 11, 2007 , From an e-mail received from Duncan Anderson